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Different types of alarms are available to suit your requirements.

Wireless- Security Alarm


Some of the available functions/products of our wireless intruder alarm:

  • Window/door sensors
  • Movement sensors - Including pet sensors
  • Smoke/CO2 alarms
  • Emergency buttons - panic button, pendant or watches
  • LCD control panel - for easy use
  • Keyfobs - for setting and unsetting system
  • Voice commands - panel speaks to you
  • Door chime facility - so when alarm is not set you know if someone has entered property
  • External sounder with strobe light
  • Anti jamming software
  • Phone dialler option - phones up to 4 numbers to alert when alarm has been activated
  • Duress code - if someone follows you home turn off alarm but in back ground phones your emergency numbers
  • Latchkey - for when your son/daughter starts to come home on there own it will alert you via a phone call that they are back safe.
  • Remote controll via telephone - you can set/unset and do various other functions via a telephone point anywhere in the world.
  • Microphone and speaker - listen in to the house or speak to house via the use of a telephone. (you can listen in if the alarm is activated to see if the intruder is still present)
  • 24hr monitoring of movement facility for the less mobile - if no movement is detected within the property then the alarm will phone set numbers.


 Wired Systems

Some of the available functions / products of our wired alarms:

  • 4 digit coded panel / keypad
  • Proximity detector for easy unset/setting
  • Door /window sensors including window foil
  • Movement sensors - including pet sensors, conservatory sensors & long distance sensors
  • Vibration / shock sensors
  • Smoke / CO2 alarms
  • Panic buttons
  • Keypads of various design - from chrome to cream - LCD display
  • External sounder - with strobe and Flashing LED
  • Internal sounders - soundbombs/ speakers or master blasters (ear defenders required)
  • Phone diallers - GSM or landline - can text or phone when alarm has been activated - with the addition of a speaker/mic you can listen or talk to the property.
  •  Fog Alarms- protect PC rooms/high value stock with smoke cloak - intruders visiblity is dramitically reduced.